Submitted by Jeff on Fri, 06/13/2008 - 03:03

Hello, those who I have invited.
All of you have something in common.
You were all being blackmailed by Mr Boddy.
Here is thinkresponsibly.com, this much is obvious.
What I'd like done with it is a little more specific, but still fairly wide open.
This is a playground. I have invited people that I know to start blogging here.
The basic precis I gave you all was that I wanted it to be a blog about politics, culture, religion, sociology and the intermingling of all of the above.
So go to it. This is something of a freefall, a resurrection of a site that took about 2 hours from conception to execution, I'd like your involvement to be the same.
Tell me what you think about the election, foregone conclusion? Given up entirely? Writing In Chuck Norris?
What do you think about the new trend towards environmentally conscious products?
Gas Prices?
Anything goes (within reason, all of you pretty much know each other and I know you so I know you'll deal with the responsibly, hence the page title)
Tell each other and the world what you think.
Again, this is the playground for your theories, philosophies and hare-brained schemes.